New TAC Website!

Date: August 2, 2022

The new Technology Assistance Center website features a new navigation menu that directs visitors to the resources they need based on their role (new students, continuing students, new employees, and staff & faculty. Visitors can find links to IT provided resources, such as DocuSign, Webmail, Webex, etc., under the Resources menu. A Help & Support menu provides options for self-help documentation, support chat, a support ticket form, and more. Near the bottom of the new homepage is a TAC News section, featuring important news and updates from the Technology Assistance Center. 

About Each Section

New Students - The New Students page provides the initial setup steps new students need to follow to find their NetID, set their password, sign into Microsoft Office, and sign into Brightspace. It also features a computer requirements/recommendations section with a built-in system check to detect troublesome browser settings and outdated browser versions. Plus, information and links to install recommended web browsers, info about our mobile apps, Webex, Microsoft Teams, Panopto, and Respondus Lockdown Browser.

Continuing Students - This page provides a link back to the New Students page (just in case), information about IDs and passwords, instructions for logging into the Microsoft Office Portal to install Office 365, instructions for setting up student email, information about other provided software and services, and links to help and support. 

New Employees - This page is similar to the New Students page in that it guides new employees through the process of locating their NetID, setting their password, signing into Microsoft Office and their email, and signing into Brightspace for instructors. It also provides a link to the Software and Services page that provides information about other IT provided software and services, such as Webex and Panopto. 

Faculty & Staff - This page is similar to the Continuing Students page and includes many of the same resources, tailored to employees when necessary. 

Resources - The Resources menu provides direct links to external services, such as DocuSign, Webmail, Webex, and more. 

Help & Support - The Help & Support menu provides links and information for students, staff, and faculty to search our documentation knowledgebase, open a support ticket for assistance, chat with us, email us, or locate us on campus. 

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